Are ear Drops the Most Effective way to get rid of earwax?

Are ear Drops the Most Effective way to get rid of earwax?-Axel Glade

Ear Drops are the most commonly used method to get rid of ear wax.  As compared to many other ear wax removal tools, ear drops are non-messy, easy to use and show results in no time. As effective as ear drops are, the main question stays the same – are these ear drops as safe as they promise to be?

Most people resort to using ear drops without a doctor’s prescription. Over the counter ear drops are easily available these days. But how far the unsupervised, rampant usage of these ear drops is safe is still a matter of concern.

Let’s understand ear drops better –how to use them, along with the pros and cons they come with.

How to use Ear Drops?

  1. First and foremost purchase the ear drops recommended by your doctor. Read the instructions mentioned on the ear drops, while keeping in mind the instructions given to you by your doctor.
  2. Next, wash your hands. Shake the bottle gently. Keep tissues handy, as you would need some to wipe off the excess ear drops later.
  3. Lie on your back, with your ear facing upwards. Insert the right number of eardrops in your ears. Wipe away the excess drops that may have fallen on your ear.
  4. Close the bottle of eardrops immediately and lie still.
  5. Sit up straight and with the help of tissues, gently wipe off any residual ear drops.

Benefits of Ear Drops

Different types of ear drops are used to treat various ailments of the ear. For example, hydrogen peroxide-based ear drops work wonderfully to dispel wax from your ears. Likewise, to get rid of an ear infection, you need to opt for acetic acid-based ear drops.

Ear drops are easily available and are a cheaper alternative as compared to most ear wax removing tools out there. This makes ear drops a popular option amongst masses.

Some ear drops work as an all-in-one solution too – you wouldn’t require separate ear drops to treat different ear issues.

As they are in liquid form, the antibiotic can be effectively delivered to the site of infection directly.

Cons of Ear Drops

Excessive usage of ear drops can cause dryness in ears. After all, ear drops are diluted chemicals and over usage can lead to side effects such as itching or even headaches.

Some even face irritation, discomfort or a constant tingling sensation in the ear. If this persists, you may also end up with an ear infection or ear discharge.

Dizziness and nausea are commonly reported symptoms too. Quite a few users also report aggravated pain after usage of ear drops.

What is a Safer Option Than Ear Drops?

With advanced technology, you no longer have to resort to chemicals to keep your ears healthy and clean. Simple battery-powered tools, such as Spade are just as effective to help you maintain your ear health. Spade is completely safe and can be used without any worries of side effects.

With its 3MPX sensor, Spade gives you the view inside your ear. You can easily connect your mobile devices to Spade wirelessly and have a look at what actually is inside your ear. Not only does Spade offer a view, but it also comes with EarPricks, a sleek tool with a soft, curved tip. Using this you can gently and easily scoop out the wax from your ears.

The non-intrusive, gentle design of Spade is why it is slowly and steadily gaining increasing popularity as a safe option to keep your ears clean.