Ear Blocked? Here's what you can do!

Ear Blocked? Here's what you can do!-Axel Glade

Do you suffer from earaches? Do you often feel full in the affected ear? If yes, you could be having an earwax blockage. However, it is not a serious issue. Earwax can be removed by taking simple measures. Read ahead to know more!

Symptoms of earwax blockage 

  1. Earache
  2. The affected ear feels full
  3. Tinnitus (or) Noises in the ear 
  4. Reduced hearing in the affected ear
  5. Dizziness
  6. cough

If you find any of the aforementioned symptoms similar, you need to visit the doctor. Your doctor can determine if you have an earwax blockage by looking into your ear with an Otoscope. An otoscope is a specialized instrument for lighting and magnifying your inner ear. 


If excess wax buildup happens inside your ear, the doctor can remove it using a curette which is a small curved instrument. Alternatively, he could use suction. Sometimes, doctors flush out the wax using a rubber bulb syringe that is filled with warm water. Instead he could also recommend using an ear wax removal kit if the problem keeps recurring. 

Types of ear wax removal kits

Ear wax removal kits are quite commonly used and can be found in stores. They are effective at removing the wax buildup from your ears with minimal effort. The variety of ear wax removal kits in the markets can be classified under 3 major divisions. Read ahead to know how to use ear wax removal kit and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. 

1. Water irrigators

This type of ear wax removal kit uses a huge syringe to rush warm water into the ear canal directly. The pressure of water thereby shooted inside, clears the excess ear wax. A soft bulb is then used to remove the fluid through suction. 


  1. Affordable
  2. Chemical softeners are not needed
  3. No invasive probing


  1. Loud noise during usage
  2. You need a separate bowl/container for drainage. 
  3. Needs multiple sessions to completely get rid of the ear wax. 

2. Chemical Softeners

This technique employs liquid chemicals to loosen the ear wax and thereby remove the buildup. One of the most common ingredients used to soften the ear wax is Hydrogen Peroxide. Alternatively, carbamide peroxide and baby oil are also used. Some medical professionals also make use of herbal blends in solution. 


  1. Can effectively soften hardened ear wax in the ear canal.


  1. Some users might be sensitive to such active ingredients. 

3. Medical curettes

These instruments are specially designed to be inserted into the ear canal. Upon insertion, they gently dislodge any excess buildup of the ear wax. We recommend you visit the doctor and not try to use the curette on your own. 


  1. Assistance is needed to use medical curettes at the best angle. 
  2. If not positioned correctly, some curettes may damage the ear canal or ear drum. 

Ear wax removal kit we recommend: Spade by Axel Glade

The spade is the brand new way to clean your ears while looking directly inside them. The spade is infinitely safer than the regular cotton swabs which are used to remove wax. It is one of the best ear wax removal kits out in the market; it is both effective and super safe compared to the others. 

The 3MPX sensor can wirelessly stream the inside view of your ear to your mobile phones - iphone and Android. It uses WiFi to display the inside of your ear. 

The spade is a seamless infusion of technology and precision delivered in one piece. Unlike the aforementioned methods of removing ear wax, you can be free from the stress of requiring medical assistance every time. Get your hands on it now!