How do I dissolve ear wax?

How do I dissolve ear wax?-Axel Glade

Of many ear wax removal techniques, ear wax softening and dissolving continues to be the most popular ones, simply because it is deemed less scary and painful. However, not all ear wax can be softened or dissolved.

A lot of ear wax dissolving methods exist. Most of them are home remedies and in some cases, even doctors resort to dissolving techniques if the wax is hard and has been there inside for quite a long time.

How to do ear wax Dissolving or Softening at Home?

While people use a variety of solutions or liquids for the softening process, the highly recommended and clinically used solution is the Hydrogen peroxide solution. Here’s how you can soften the ear wax at home:

1. Use a clean dropper and use two to three drops of hydrogen peroxide solution (not the concentrated formula)

2. Tilt your head slowly and ask someone to drip the solution slowly through the sides

3. Stay in the same position for about 5 minutes to ensure that the solution has completely drenched your ear canal

4. Tilt the head the other way after another 3 minutes, and you will see the fluid and ear wax mixture flowing out of your ear 

Why you shouldn’t go for ear wax Dissolving.

Ear wax dissolving isn’t safe when you have no experience of doing it before. If by accident the fluid is directly dropped onto the eardrum with force, it can cause serious damage and even partial hearing loss.

Also, the method is a big no for people who have an ear infection or a history of ear canal damage. Even after the completion of the dissolving process, some amount of liquid remains inside the ear canal. This can worsen the ear canal infection, and you could end up in a hospital.

What if ear Dissolving Doesn’t Work at all?

Ear wax dissolving may not work in some cases. This happens when the ear wax has been inside the ear canal for a long time. In that case, you will surely have to consult a doctor and get the cleaning done professionally.

Hard build-ups don’t get softened in two to three days. In these cases, the build-up would have discolored and turned dark brown or black. But if you aren’t sure whether  the buildup is worth a visit to the doctor, you can buy an ear wax removal device, like spade by axel glade, and get it removed at home itself.

The device is battery operated and has a built-in camera at its tip. You can first insert the device and check if the build-up is severe or not. According to the texture and size of the buildup, choose the required silicon tip, attach it to the tip, and then start the cleaning process.

To get the visuals of the built-in camera, you can connect the device to a smartphone and see what’s going on in your ears. As the process doesn’t involve any fluid or sharp equipment, it is completely safe and works quite well for anyone above 3 years of age.