How to remove ear wax with hydrogen peroxide? Is it Safe?

How to remove ear wax with hydrogen peroxide? Is it Safe?-Axel Glade

Hydrogen Peroxide solution is one of the most commonly used methods to get rid of stubborn ear wax. When all methods fail to show results, doctors usually resort to hydrogen peroxide-based ear drops in the ear. And without any doubts, using hydrogen peroxide in ears does help soften the ear wax faster, allowing it to dispel on its own.

Ear wax irrigation was the most popular method to help get rid of the wax before Hydrogen Peroxide. In this method, distilled water is used to soften and remove wax. This was until researchers found out that ear drops primarily made of hydrogen peroxide are much more effective. This is why a lot of people resorted to using hydrogen peroxide in ears to avoid wax build-up.

How to use Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove ear wax?

Using hydrogen peroxide to remove ear wax is the simplest and quickest way to do so. When you put the hydrogen peroxide in your ears, the wax bubbles up, eventually becoming softer. Let’s see how to use this method, step by step:

  • First thing you need to do is purchase ear drops. Ensure that these are hydrogen peroxide-based ear drops. Read the instructions listed on the ear drops. A quick tip – keep tissues handy.
  • Lie down on your side, with one ear facing the ceiling.
  • Following the instructions, insert the mentioned number of drops in your ear canal, using the dropper. Wait until your canal is filled with the fluid.
  • Stay still for 5-6 minutes. You will feel a bubbling, tingling sensation in your ear. No need to worry about it, as this is how you know the hydrogen peroxide is working. 
  • After this, sit up straight and use the tissue to blot out any excess liquid that comes out of your ear.
  • Once you are done with one ear, repeat all the above steps for the other ear too.
  • The frequency of usage will entirely depend upon your doctor’s advice. Exposing your ear to too much hydrogen peroxide is not good, which is why you need to be careful. We will be further looking into the potential risks of hydrogen peroxide in your ear.

Risks of Using Hydrogen Peroxide in ears:

  1. Some people resort to making their own ear drop solution at home, using a hydrogen peroxide solution and some other ingredients such as water and vinegar. This is not the ideal way of making ear drops. Even if you do opt for DIY ear drops, you need to do so under the strict supervision and advice of a doctor.
  2. Commonly available hydrogen peroxide is strong, with a concentration of 35%. Using this directly in your ears can damage your ears permanently. Be extremely cautiously before using undiluted hydrogen peroxide in your ears, without any supervision or guidance.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide in ears has no major side effects. However, if you have a pre-existing injury in your ear, hydrogen peroxide can contribute to irritation or festering in the wound.
  4. The same applies to those with ear infections. You need to consult a doctor before you use hydrogen peroxide in ears if you have an ear infection condition.

What is a Better Alternative, as Compared to Hydrogen Peroxide?

If you are looking for less risky alternatives to get rid of stubborn ear wax, consider using Spade. It is a smart and extremely safe way to dispel ear wax. Spade is equipped with a 3MPX sensor, which wirelessly streams the full view of the inside of your ear on your mobile device.

Using the expertly designed EarPricks, you can gently scoop out the wax, without injuring or harming your ear in any way. This is a much safer, quicker and healthier way to get rid of earwax without any side effects.