Best Ear Wax Removal Videos

Best Ear Wax Removal Videos-Axel Glade

Ear wax can be gross. However, what’s even more appalling is the thought of it lying in your ears. Well, you can solve this problem by either getting the ear wax removed professionally or at home. While the procedure is super easy and gets done in a few minutes, you need to take extra care to ensure that you don’t damage your eardrum.

If you are wondering how to remove ear wax, here are five best ear wax removal videos of 2020 that will show you the safest and easiest methods to get your ears cleaned.

1. Excessive Ear Wax: Tips for Safe Removal

If you are afraid to visit the doctor to get the ear wax cleared, this video will be highly helpful. A professional pediatric otolaryngologist explains how to get rid of ear wax right at home. The video gives numerous tips on how to correctly clean your child’s ears without pushing the wax further or hurting them.

First, the doctor tells you about the positioning of your fingers in cleaning your ears. It is ideal to use the small finger and wash it before you start the procedure. If you were to use a swab, using a small swab can push the wax even further, which can ultimately lead to hearing loss. Instead of removing the wax from a dry ear canal, you should soften the interiors using a home-made hydrogen peroxide solution. This dissolves the ear wax and makes the cleaning process much more comfortable.

2. Double the Ear Wax! Earwax Extraction, Ear Wax Removal

If you are too scared to get your ear wax removed, you should probably watch this video and see how painless and safe it is. In the video, Dr. John Gilmore gets rid of the ear wax from a person’s ear who hasn’t done the procedure in a long while.

The doctor first examines the patient to know the amount of wax he has in his ears. Then he starts using an ear wax removal tool and slowly cleans the ears. The procedure takes about 10 minutes, but that’s because the person hasn’t cleaned his ears in years.

3. Ear wax removal 2020 (Get rid of long-frozen ears with great difficulty)

In this ear wax removal video, the person employs mini tweezers to get rid of the deposit inside the ear canal. The person hadn’t done the procedure in a while, so the doctor had to use tweezers to remove the wax effectively without hurting the eardrum. A tube-like camera was inserted into the ear canal before the procedure began. Then, the doctor inspected the patient’s ear for a bit before getting started with the process.

4. 16 Years Worth Of Ear Wax Removed From Patient

This video features Mr. Neel Raithatha, a consultant Audiologist, removing the ear wax of a person who hasn’t done the procedure in 16 years. The process took a long time to complete because of the deposit in the ear canal. The doctor also took the time to get rid of the dead skin deposited in the ear.

The patient had a pre-existing condition of ear infection, and previously, doctors had performed Radical Mastoidectomy on him and drilled out the mastoid bone. Thus, the doctor took about seven minutes to clean one of his ears.


5. Never Clean his Earwax for Many Year, Big Ear Wax Removing

In this video, you can see Dr. Latisha, a professional audiologist, removing the ear wax of an adult male. Before starting the procedure, the doctor tries dissolving the ear wax to make sure that it comes out quickly. Then she uses a special ear cleaning tool and a tube-like camera to complete the procedure. At the end of the process, the doctor shows the lump of ear wax that came out of the person’s ears.


All the five videos mentioned above helps you overcome the fear of the procedure and will motivate you to get it done as soon as possible. Building up of the ear wax in your ear canal can cause serious damage to your inner ear and also to your hearing capacity.